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Rules & Regulations




  • No gum, eating, or drinking (except for water) allowed in the dance studios. All students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves

  • If a student needs to leave class early, please warn the teacher before class.

  • No jewelry other than post earrings allowed. This is for your safety and others as well.

  • Please allow for time before class for students to use the restroom. Requests during class are a distraction to both the student and other classmates.

  • Corrections from teachers are important for the development of a student. These corrections should be reflected upon and worked on by all dancers. The teacher’s corrections and comments should not be construed for criticism, but progress.

  • Corrections are frequently “hands on.” Manual adjustment of a student’s body to correct alignment and technique is standard practice.

  • Each teacher may also have additional classroom rules, which they will discuss with students at the beginning of the session.

  • Students must show respect to teachers, peers, and themselves at all times. We discourage any gossiping, fighting, or teasing other students. This behavior will not be tolerated, and the students may be asked to leave without any refunds.

  • Students ONLY are allowed in studios. Parents and friends are not permitted in studios except on a very limited basis and always subject to the permission of the teacher. Any parents that have a question for the teacher, please wait until the class is finished to bring it to their attention or email the office.

  • All students must follow  dress code. If teacher finds grooming and dress inappropriate for class, they will be asked to watch.

  • All students should be aware of good hygiene.



  • All students are placed according to their ability and talent. Class placement will be carefully assessed by the teacher and director. Previous dance experience may or may not be considered in a placement evaluation. At the end of class the teacher will make a decision on the most appropriate class for the student.  Please understand a child may repeat a level for several years. Students move up in level when the teacher believes they are ready not when their friends are.

  •  POOR ATTENDANCE WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES IN PLACEMENT ADVANCEMENT.  Regular attendance is essential to maintain and/or advance in your selected level.  If an injury occurs, student should still attend class to observe and learn the lesson.

  • Students may transfer from one class to another only with permission from their teacher and the office. Please notify the office in writing. Once costumes have been ordered, this cannot be changed.



  • Students should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class and quietly wait outside the classroom until asked to enter. If the studio is available, you may go in and start warming up.

  • It is not safe to dance without warming up. Any dancer arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to participate in class unless the teacher permits. She/he will be allowed to watch class and then make it up at a later date.

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for students’ behavior and safety before and after class. Siblings must stay with parents; young children may not be left in the waiting room unattended.


  • Students are urged to attend a make-up class for any absence. All missed classes should be made up within a month and the same level. There will be no deductions in tuition.



  • In case of an emergency closing, an email will be sent out, and it will be posted on our Facebook/Instagram.

  • Classes will not be rescheduled and there will be no refunds or prorating.

    The student is encouraged to make up the class in a class equal in level to the one canceled, within 1 month of the missed class. It is the responsibility of the student to make these arrangements. 



  • If your child drops a class, written notification or an email must be sent 30 days prior to next month’s billing date. 



  • Lost and found items, unclaimed, are given to charity at the end of each month. Lost and found bin is located in lobby area.

  • Students leaving money or valuables in the studio, do so at their own risk. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • We communicate via email so please make sure to keep your email address current and check the bulletin board frequently so you stay up to date with information.

  • It is against the law to pull a fire alarm falsely, if a child summons the fire company when there is no emergency, they will be subject to local laws and the parents are responsible for payments and fines.

  • All Combo class dancers must be potty trained.

  • We have the right to cancel any classes that do not fill. 



  •      Any children looking to trial a class must stop by the office and check in prior to starting.

    Parent or legal guardian must fill out and sign form.



  •      Please call or see office for details.


For any questions, please call the studio at 484-831-5036 or email us at






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